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South Florida Paternity Lawyer

In the state of Florida, paternity cases are heard for numerous reasons. The mother may be trying to get child support from a man who is not involved in the child’s life, and has to prove the man is indeed the father. In other situations, a father may want to have some type of custody arrangement regarding his child, and will need to prove he is the father. There are also times in divorce cases which can lead to paternity issues and questions.

A paternity case can be a huge endeavor for any mother or father. This is why he or she needs to have proper legal representation. Alfred Marten can provide legal representation in your paternity case, whether you are the father questioning paternity or the mother trying to prove paternity.

Legal Representation for Florida Paternity Tests

There are certain locations throughout the United States that offer to do paternity tests for those who walk through their doors. However, a paternity test obtained in this way will not help your case. This is why legal representation is important in these situations. This is especially true when it comes to cases that are reliant upon the paternity results for child support or custody arrangements for the child. It is important that the paternity test is done in the proper way, by a facility that will deliver timely and accurate results. We will then submit these results to the court as part of the legal action.

Going through the proper legal steps can take some time. The last step is to receive the final judgment of paternity from the court. In cases in which paternity is proven, it then becomes a case of custody and/or child support. If paternity is not proven, then the case is dismissed. Legal representation in these situations can help to ensure everything goes smoothly and help to set up future court dates for other issues related to the paternity case.

Custody and Visitation Might Require Paternity Test

Proving paternity of a child is more than simply stating yes or no. For a mother, this may be her only way to ensure the child is getting the child support needed for his or her well-being. For a father, this may be his only chance to get custody or visitation rights to his child. These cases can become complicated, and hiring a lawyer to help represent you is a very important decision. Contact Marten-Law, P.A. today to discuss your Florida paternity case.

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