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Contested vs. Uncontested

Defining the Divorce Procedure

Dealing with divorce can be extremely easy or it can become difficult. The difference is primarily based on what type of divorce is being filed in Florida. There are two types: uncontested and contested divorce. Alfred Marten has sucessfully helped many in South Florida go through uncontested and contested divorces, and will use his knowledge of the law to help you get through your divorce as well.


The main question clients ask as soon as they get into the office is what the difference between the two types of divorces is. An uncontested divorce is the easy route in which both parties make agreements prior to divorce with how items are going to be split, as well as how to handle child custody if there is a child involved. With this type of divorce, rarely do the couples go to court and have a judge decide things for them, since they have agreed upon most aspects of the divorce beforehand.

Contested Divorce Can Be a Long Process

A contested divorce can become quite messy and can be rather lengthy. In these divorces, the couple does not agree on anything. Therefore, attorneys have to communicate between the two in order to make a compromise on how to divide their valuables, how children will be handled if there are children involved, alimony and other issues. The length of time these divorces take to resolve depends on just how many issues must be dealt with, and if there is substantial conflict between the couple.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state

This means that if a divorce is wanted and the couple has nothing of real value to divide, they can get a divorce for no other reason than not wanting to be married any longer. However, even in these cases, it is prudent to have a lawyer to help file the paperwork and ensure that this process goes smoothly. Otherwise, it could prolong the time before the divorce becomes finalized.

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